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We give everything for the health of your pet

We have been there for you and your darlings in Düsseldorf-Lohausen since 1998. In 2013, our practice rooms underwent a comprehensive renovation. You will see that the animals feel comfortable in the bright and homely rooms. We can cure many diseases and injuries without aids – but in many cases the possibilities of modern veterinary medicine have to be applied. We offer quite a few of them. An overview of our procedures and services:
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During surgical interventions, bleeding naturally occurs and has to be stopped during the operation by tying off blood vessels (ligation) or other measures. LigaSure is a new form of bipolar stromal application that stops bleeding immediately and permanently. As an operative technique, LigaSure helps us to work in a time-saving and efficient way, especially in the field of soft tissue surgery, and enables us to keep the duration of anaesthesia short.
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Phovia light therapy

New in our clinic: Phovia light therapy for skin irritations based on the principle of photobiomodulation. It can be used for acute and chronic skin problems, eczema etc. A special gel is applied to the skin. For this purpose, a special gel is applied to the changed skin areas and then the area is illuminated for two minutes with an LED lamp.

The advantages of Phovia light therapy

– Faster wound healing – Less frequent use of antibiotics – painless and stress-free – First successes after 2-3 treatments – Treatment once or twice a week
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Blood pressure measurement in veterinary medicine

Blood pressure measurement is not only important in human medicine, but also in veterinary medicine in the context of anaesthesia monitoring or in the case of various diseases in dogs and cats, such as heart disease, kidney disease or hormonal disorders. Changes in blood pressure, in the sense of hypertension (increased blood pressure values) or hypotension (decreased blood pressure values) can lead to considerable and permanent damage to various organs (brain, eyes, heart, kidneys). Especially in cats, blood pressure measurement is considered to be very useful (retinal haemorrhages in case of elevated blood pressure). Furthermore, blood pressure measurement has also become established in the context of the therapy of heart diseases in dogs and cats, as a variety of medications can have more or less strong effects on blood pressure. In contrast to humans, blood pressure is measured in dogs and cats either at the forelimb (forearm) or at the base of the tail. The measurements are taken while the patient is awake in an environment that is as stress-free as possible for the patient. In general, blood pressure measurement is very well tolerated by dogs and cats.
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Faecal examination with VetScan Imagyst

The new VetScan Imagyst offers us the most modern examination standard and enables us to examine your pet’s faeces within a few minutes. “Simple analysis. Classify intelligently. Targeted therapy. VETSCAN IMAGYST is a validated system that automatically stores images taken by the microscope in a cloud. There they are evaluated by an artificial intelligence. With VETSCAN IMAGYST, endoparasites in dogs and cats can be easily diagnosed on site in the practice with high specificity and sensitivity and the appropriate therapy can be initiated directly. The automation and standardisation of the processes reduces the risk of human error.” [Zoetis,] So in the future, we will do all the testing for worms and giardia with this device. Why should faeces be examined regularly? There are different types of worms that your pet can get infected with. A worm infestation is a zoonosis, which means that you can also be infected with worms. Depending on the age, husbandry and diet of your pet, medication and prevention should be carried out individually. Factors such as living closely with small children or immunocompromised persons may require closer monitoring. We will be happy to advise you on how often you should deworm your pet or have a faecal examination.
Ultrasound Dr. Finkenstädt
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Imaging techniques

  • X-ray
  • Ultrasound
  • every 2 weeks Ultrasound specialist Dr. Finkenstädt
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  • Inhalation, injection and local anaesthesia
  • Soft tissue surgery, e.g. castration, tumour operations
  • Eye operations
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  • Urine and blood tests
  • Fecal analysis via Vetscan
  • Cell smears for inflammation and tumour diagnostics (cytology)
  • Cooperation with an allergy laboratory
  • External laboratories for internal cases
  • Parasitus ex
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Internal medicine

  • -Vaccination counselling according to current vaccination recommendations, counselling on deworming programmes,
  •  Geriatrics – old-age prevention, tumour prevention
  • Hormone laboratory (thyroid, adrenal, sex hormones)
  • Travel diseases
  • Puppy check

We look after your pets from puppy to senior stage.

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Dermatology/skin diseases

  • Allergy diagnostics, work-up of skin diseases and changes
  • Nutritional advice regarding food allergies of all kinds
  • Parasitology of the skin
  • Desensitisation for atopy
  • Counselling for SLO patients (Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy)
  • Oral papillomatosis
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Complementary medicine

  •  Alternative treatment of kidney disease and pancreatitis
  •  Alternative treatment of arthrosis and intervertebral disc diseases (discopathies)
  •  Naturopathy
  •  Homeopathy
  •  Magnetic field
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  •  Chipping and tattooing
  •  Puppy owner advice (dog & cat)
  •  Dental cleanings, ultrasonic dental cleanings, dental cleaning course individually with your animal
  •  Shearing of difficult animals under anaesthesia
  •  Veterinary medicine cabinet
  •  Travel documents and rabies titre regulations in accordance with the travel ordinance
  •  Certificate of competence according to § 11 State Dog Law
  •  Advice before buying an animal: What should the buyer pay attention to?
  •  Tips on transporting animals, especially cats to the vet
  •  Advice on stress reduction strategies for animals
  •  Close cooperation with the cat protection association in Düsseldorf regarding the castration of feral domestic cats.
  •  EU pet passport
  •  Support for Tiertafel Düsseldorf